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Questions Candidates Should Ask Sooner in an Interview

During a typical job interview, candidates are afforded a chance to ask the interviewer questions. Generally, this opportunity is presented toward the end of the interview. As we’ve noted during Elite Generations discussions, while this might be convention, applicants should ask certain questions earlier to help distinguish themselves and their skills. Here are three questions to move up in the interview process:

  • What Challenges Are You Facing?: We’ve noted during Elite Generations interviews that this question tends to elicit a better response when it’s asked after the applicant has discussed his or her skills. The reason this timing works is it allows candidates to connect their experiences to a gap in the company. By doing so, they increase their distinct value as a potential team member.
  • What Are You Most Proud of Currently?: The best time to inquire on this topic is after you’ve shared your experiences or the skills of which you are most proud. The strategy is to help the interviewer connect your values and goals with those of the company.
  • What Are Typical Learning and Growth Opportunities Offered Here?: Elite Generations’ training and coaching program is a key part of our culture. Thus, we’re impressed when a candidate asks about learning with our company. The part of the interview process in which this question fits best would be after you’ve described some of the things you’ve learned from past jobs.